Security Features

All information, communications and information is preserved on a secure server thanks to the implementation of the SSL certificate in it, with implementation of the TLS 1.3 protocol for data traffic encryption and connection authentication, which translates into a safer and more optimized response.

Perimeter network firewall and custom firewall on the server itself, which adds an extra layer of protection against denial of service (DoS) attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Likewise, this system allows us to:
– Filter and block illegitimate traffic.
– Segment and secure systems and services based on their attack surface.
– Detect and identify the attacks received and alert about them.

Redundant system of independent disks (RAID), which guarantees data protection against possible disk failures.

Cloud Backup. Daily backup of disk data and databases, intended to protect the information of the systems against unforeseen events.

Encryption of data transmission in the application using the AES 256 algorithm.

Hierarchical redundant multilevel network system that allows to distribute the traffic load and increase the capacity according to the specific needs of the service.

AntiSpam / AntiVirus services active on the server in order to secure the server against spam, phishing and malware attacks.

Embedded web application firewall that provides protection against attacks towards the application and allows the monitoring of HTTPS traffic, as well as the analysis of requests towards the system in real time.

Additionally, the software records the access of any type of authorized user to information classified as confidential.

The anonymization system, if it is the selected option, prevents knowing the identification data of those present who present information through this system, protecting their anonymity and facilitating the exchange of information in a safe way and protection if necessary.

Our system neither tracks nor saves the IP address or other personal data not explicitly provided by the user accessing the channel