Industrial research, experimental development and technological innovation are key elements of CUPA GROUP’s strategy, aimed at producing new products and construction systems.

Following a model of open innovation, we work from the generation of an idea to series production. Along the way, we develop prototypes that are subjected to stringent checks based on international standards according to the target market at which the final product is aimed.

CUPA INNOVACION is the company that carries out research and develops new applications for natural slate and stone, without losing sight of the latest market trends. In this sense, in a globalised world where « time to market » is ever shorter, once a product reaches the market, a process of continuous improvement is carried out that gives rise to new versions of the product. In this way, CUPA GROUP adapts rapidly to new demands and the requirements of our clients.

Thanks to ongoing efforts in research, CUPA GROUP meets present architectural needs with the creation of new, technically superior products and construction systems with high added value.


From this constant effort arose CUPACLAD®, a group of natural slate ventilated façade systems that combine beauty, energy efficiency, architectural design and fast installation.

With the aim of creating sustainable solutions, CUPAGROUP has developed THERMOSLATE®, the first worldwide natural slate solar thermal roof, which generates energy for the production of DHW (Domestic Hot Water) and heating. This product is endorsed by several international patents and produces a superb aesthetic finish because it is fully integrated in the roof.

slate solar panel


Easy installation and flexibility as well as a perfect finish are key features of STONEPANEL®, los pre-assembled natural stone panels for all kinds of interior and exterior wall claddings. This unique system, created and patented by CUPAGROUP, uses STONEPANEL SKY®, with a mechanical stainless steel attachment system for installation at more than two metres high. Several international certification bodies in Germany, France and the United Kingdom guarantee the quality and durability of this product.


And finally, STONETACK®, the first self-adhesive natural slate panel came to life. This product is a result of the effort made by CUPA STONE to create practical, flexible and affordable solutions. This innovative panel is 100% eco- friendly and it’s a perfect DIY solution that can be quickly installed in 3 simple steps. Ideal for homes or any business space.

A pioneer and leader for over thirty years, the THERMOCHIP® wooden sandwich roof panel is a very attractive alternative to traditional construction methods. The continuous insulation system of sandwich panels is the ideal solution to new energy efficiency requirements. Thanks to its various decorative finishes, THERMOCHIP® can be used for roof and interior wall claddings, restoration, refurbishment and new work, saving time and money, lightening the roof structure and guaranteeing certification of the work.

panel sandwich