Company values


Integrity, effort, austerity, leadership and commitment are the hallmarks of Cupa Group.


We are guided in our professional activities by transparency, integrity and responsibility. We understand that creating value in a sustainable way requires ethical, honest and socially responsible behaviour.

As such, we are serious and rigorous in our commitments and obligations both in our day-to-day work and in our relationships with our clients and suppliers.


To do so, we put all our energy into meeting new market needs.

We strive to be the best professionals by sharing our efforts and knowledge through continuing professional development.


At CUPAGROUP we focus on the efficient use of resources, optimising all of our processes.

We are committed to austerity in the way we manage resources, dispensing with the superfluous and focusing on what is really important: the complete satisfaction of our clients.

The constant urge to do better, the culture of effort and simplicity sum up our day-to-day work.


We strive to develop products and services that ensure our leadership in the creation of value for our clients and suppliers.

As world leaders in roof slate, we know that we must focus our efforts on excellent service and the highest competitiveness.


Real commitment to our clients is the way to understand our business.

We not only want our employees to identify with the aims of the organisation, but also to focus all our efforts on demonstrating our commitment to our employees.

At CUPAGROUP we believe it is essential to produce good work