Cupa Stone is a company within the Cupa Group that specializes in the production, transformation and sale of natural stone. It offers a selection of ecological and sustainable materials for decoration, architecture and construction.

Founded in 2012, Cupa Stone uses a business model that works closely with the client, with innovation as the differentiating factor and a wide range of products, consisting of over 500 different types of natural stone from all over the world.

The company has 8 of its productive centers in Spain, Portugal, France and Brazil, as well as 32 distribution centers in Europe, creating a value chain that guarantees both the supply and the quality of products from their place of origin right up to the final end user.

Due to the quality of its products and services, Cupa Stone is an industry leader, allowing it to confidently undertake an ambitious program of international expansion. Nowadays, it exports its products to more than 60 countries in five continents. The company also has an extensive sales network in Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Brazil, the Czech Republic and the U.K.

With a continuing focus on innovation and providing construction solutions for sustainable, efficient architecture, Cupa Stone has developed premium, eco-friendly natural stone products that have become market leaders, such as Stonepanel®: the only natural stone panel certified for installation at heights above two meters.