The current trend in architectural design is for buildings that integrate into the environment. The need for high-quality buildings that meet sustainability criteria has inspired CUPA GROUP to use natural products such as slate and stone.

Natural slate is more sustainable than other substitute products (fibre cement, zinc and tile) used in roof construction, according to a study carried out by consultants Adapta SG.

Furthermore, the study Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE, University of Bath) highlights natural slate as the product that has the least impact on the environment since it is extracted directly from the quarry without further processing.

As for natural stone, the Institute of Construction and the Environment (IBU) in Germany established its sustainability through an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Its natural texture, flexibility and durability are strengths that make natural stone the best construction product for sustainable and environmentally responsible projects.

CUPA GROUP’s environmental commitment is clear from the products we produce and market (natural slate and stone), the continuous improvements to our production processes and the new construction solutions we have designed (THERMOSLATE®, CUPACLAD® ,STONEPANEL® and STONETACK®), which are characterised by a clear focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.