Cupa Group’s values and principles have always been the basis of our company and the thing that defines us as a company

Only by adhering to these values, principles and commitments will we be able to perform our activity in line with the highest ethical standards.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics aims to compile and disseminate our values, principles and commitments guiding the conduct of Cupa Group directors, employees and collaborators.

To achieve the highest possible rate of success in fulfilling these objectives, a whistleblower channel has been provided so any stakeholder can consult, complain, claim and suggest, anonymously if they so wish.

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Ethics Policy

This policy is intended to establish the principles and basic commitments that are expected and must be required from the companies in Cupa Group, from all their employees, directors and government organs; and provides a common integrity framework for all of them in the conduct of their professional activities and their relationships with stakeholders.

Competition Policy

Principles for action of preventing any type of behavior that may endanger free competition in the market.

Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Cupa Group has decided to develop a policy to supplement the principles laid down in its Code of Ethics on the prevention of fraud, corruption and money laundering. To that end, Cupa Group undertakes to continue to work in the direction marked by the principles listed below to minimize the risks of specification and the possible negative effects of such behavior.

Information Processing Policy

A universal commitment is adopted by Cupa Group employees to prevent security breaches which would involve uncontrolled circulation of information inside and outside the group.

Policy On Personal Data Processing

Persons in Cupa Group acquire a confidentiality commitment and a promise to not transfer data to third parties, especially the personal data they have to deal with as part of their work.