Cupa Group renews its EcoVadis Gold Medal with a higher score than last year

Publicado el 5/02/2024

Cupa Group renews its EcoVadis Gold Medal with a higher score than last year



Cupa Group has received the gold medal from the EcoVadis agency for the second consecutive year for the integration of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles into its production and business management processes. With the renewal of this award, the most reliable in terms of sustainability internationally, the company continues to be part of the top 5% of the more than 100,000 companies evaluated by EcoVadis worldwide.

The overall rating awarded by EcoVadis in 2023 is an improvement on the rating obtained by Cupa Group in the previous year, which confirms the company’s efforts to improve all of its processes and its evolution in terms of sustainability. The area where Cupa Group has most increased its rating compared to 2022 is in labour practices and human rights, where it is placed in the top 1% of the best rated companies in the stone, sand and clay extraction industry.

EcoVadis medals reflect the quality of the company’s sustainability management system and evaluate a wide range of variables, divided into four categories: environment, human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. In the case of Cupa Group, in addition to achieving a position among the top 5% of the best rated companies in sustainability and CSR globally, this award places it among the top 3% of companies with the best ratings in the mining sector.

According to this EcoVadis award, the company has made improvements in the safety and equality of its employees in recent months. Furthermore, this award recognises Cupa Group’s progress regarding SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a commitment made through its membership in the UN Global Compact Network.


Advances in sustainability

The gold medal awarded to Cupa Group by EcoVadis for sustainability and CSR gives a new boost to the company’s active policies in this area, which seek to reinforce its commitment to the environment and transparent management with customers, suppliers and business partners, among others.

This commitment translates into multiple actions carried out by the company to achieve a more positive impact on its surroundings. In this sense, some of the environmental measures integrated into its processes are, for example, a 100% renewable electricity consumption and closed-circuit water use, whereby approximately 80% of resources in the slate production sites are reused.

As part of its contribution to the protection of the environment in which it operates, Cupa Group has participated in biodiversity preservation campaigns, promotes reforestation projects near its sites and plans to install solar panels to work towards self-sufficiency and improve energy efficiency on its premises.

In terms of labour practices and human rights, Cupa Group continues to invest in protecting its employees’ health and safety. The company provides personal protective equipment, such as half masks, and has implemented collective protection systems, such as water spray systems, to reduce exposure to dust particles at production sites.

The company is also committed to the development of the areas in which it operates. That’s why 95% of Cupa Pizarras’ suppliers are local, from the regions of Galicia and Castilla y León. As part of this local commitment, the Cupa Group Foundation makes an important contribution to the local community by providing training activities, employment opportunities, support for entrepreneurs and measures to help increase the birth date in an area, which is affected by depopulation.