Isabel Varela: “Women are joining the slate industry constantly”

Publicado el 6/03/2023

Isabel Varela: “Women are joining the slate industry constantly”


Isabel Varela has been working for 46 years at Cupa Group. She is part of the administrative team at La Medua, where she deals with the accounts for the slate companies and parent company of the group.


What does International Women’s Day mean for you?

It’s the day for defending the fight for equality between men and women.


How has the situation of women evolved in your industry and during your professional career?

I think there are more women in the company than when I started. In fact, there are women entrepreneurs in the sector. The female presence is already at 23% in all stages of the work process (administration, shaping, material selection, etc). Women are joining the slate industry constantly.



Have you had any difficulties in your professional life because you are a woman?

No, I haven’t noticed any.


What do you think has been your greatest contribution to Cupa Group?

A great deal of effort, work and dedication, because when I started working the timetables were not the most suitable for reconciling family life, something that has improved with flexible working hours, although there is still a long way to go.


Why would you recommend other women join the Cupa Group team?

Because it’s the biggest company in the sector and can make a big contribution to women’s professional development.


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